Kari Lake, a failed candidate in the recent Arizona gubernatorial election, is now claiming that America will “turn into a Venezuela” unless she is installed as governor.

Lake made the comments on the radio with right-wing student activist Charlie Kirk, during a segment in which she touted her legal efforts to challenge the results of the election. She later shared a clip of the segment on Twitter, with a link to give her money for that challenge.

Kirk remarked to her that it would be hard to “prove malice’ in her lawsuit because the Maricopa County election officials will just use the defense, “Oh, I’m just an idiot.” Kirk’s strawman argument flies in the face of the facts. Maricopa County officials actually were quite competent in adapting and adjusting to some faulty printing and the courts have already agreed that the officials did the right things at every step to ensure the election was valid.

“We have a lot of new evidence coming our way…there’s a boatload of evidence in our favor,” said Lake. “And we just need a judge to wake up and realize what’s on the line here. And if we don’t restore honest elections right now our country will turn into a Venezuela.”

And here most people thought right wingers hated “woke” judges.(lol)

But on a more serious note, Lake is echoing the failed former twice impeached POTUS and his lawyers who basically show up to courts without much, if any evidence, but think because they see themselves as “the good guys” that facts and evidence don’t really matter. What matters to them is winning at any cost. The ends justify the means.

Lake has yet to provide any details on this “boatload of evidence” she claims to have. Which also has been par for the course with election denying. Americans saw this over and over after the 2020 election with Trump. He and his lawyers would talk a big game in the media. Then, when it came to presenting things in court, little more than failed regurgitated arguments, anecdotes, and a plea that they should win because they are the good guys would be offered. In fact, Trump’s lawyers are still trying to use those same tricks in his current legal battles and judges are becoming increasingly intolerant of the cheap tactics.  

The main thrust of her case centers on a printing error at some polling places in Maricopa County, making ballot tabulators unable to read some ballots. However, election officials have pointed out that there were backup options for voters to get their ballots cast without tabulators, meaning Lake’s claims of the error costing her the election are unfounded.

Lake, who before the election refused to commit to accepting the results, has already been shot down in court with her legal efforts to overturn the election. A state judge even ordered her to pay tens of thousands of dollars in expert witness fees to her Democratic rival, Katie Hobbs, who has since been sworn in as governor.

It appears that Kari Lake’s outlandish claims of America “turning into a Venezuela” unless she is installed as governor are nothing more than another desperate attempt to challenge the results of a democratic election and seize power. And whether it is Lake, Trump, or what is happening in Brazil, some patterns are becoming too clear to ignore. The latest pattern seems to be that they lose, then no one takes them seriously and they make more noise just to raise money. And unfortunately, too many lemmings buy their nonsense and send them money.

You can check out Lake’s thinly veiled shameless fundraising efforts with Charlie Kirk below …