The Department of Justice has just recovered a laptop belonging to a Donald Trump aide that contained classified electronic documents, and legal experts are predicting it will only add to the former president’s growing scandal. Ironic that Trump and his allies have been crying about the Hunter Biden laptop which as of this date hasn’t produced any significant evidence of anything they predicted it would over the past few years.

MSNBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos described the new discovery as a “huge problem” for the former president. Host Katie Phang noted that the documents could easily be transferred to thumb drives and there is no telling where they would end up. In fact, one report does say that the contents have been copied to a thumb drive.

Cevallos went on to say the laptop could be used by special counsel Jack Smith in his investigation. Of greater concern, according to Phang, was who was in possession of the laptop.

“This wasn’t a lawyer, this was a Trump aide, and one that was working for the Save America PAC, which is Trump’s favorite PAC at this point,” she wondered aloud, then asked, “so the fact that it’s not someone, it’s someone who’s not a lawyer, do you think it changes the analysis?”

“Of course,” Cevallos agreed. “If you give it to your lawyer that’s one thing, it could still be problematic. But giving it to someone clearly outside the government, that’s a huge problem. Because you’ve established one of the elements, and not only one of the elements of a criminal statute, but one of the reasons this is a problem in the first place, we don’t want classified documents getting into the hands of regular people. That’s why they’re classified. They’re classified because they could pose a threat to national security.”

Who the aide is at this point is speculation and no names have been released or leaked to the press as of this writing.

Many agree that someone wouldn’t simply copy the documents for the purposes of nostalgia and speculate that it was more likely copied for the purposes of sharing it again or having it for leverage down the road. In either case, this new discovery of the laptop could make the Hunter Biden laptop investigation look small. After years of investigating by multiple entities, nothing has really come of it outside of the confirmation of some name dropping and nepotism. So far, it appears that the worst thing Hunter Biden has done is help Tucker Carlson’s kid get into Georgetown University. 

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