Ted Nugent, is a longtime outdoorsman, is an outspoken advocate for hunting and gun ownership rights. He’s also known as a staunch conservative and supporter of former President Donald Trump — one of the few music celebrities to openly support Trump during his campaign and afterward.

His self-described radical views include hating things like Black Lives Matter, anything to do with the LGBTQ+ community, and people like Joe Biden.

He called the COVID pandemic a hoax, and then caught the disease and found out how bad it really was.

One would think that Alabama would be the perfect place to host a stop on his “farewell tour” but the people within the state have put an end to that notion.

Indeed, Alabama has shown the world and the MAGA crowd how to boycott a beer company when they support people and views that are offensive to them.

Nugent’s concert was supposed to take place at Birmingham, Alabama’s Avondale Brewing Company.

After the show was announced, Avondale’s social media pages were flooded with messages of objection.

“Lose this show or lose my business,” commenter @86composure said on Avondale Brewing’s Instagram page, and many others agreed.


“I will never spend another dollar in your establishment,” David Symonds said on Facebook. “Grotesque that you would book such trash. Do better.”


“Oh, perfect. Just perfect,” said Lynne Hall. “Alabama, you never disappoint … the right-wing nuts, that is! Avondale Brewery, you are dead to me.”

“Do better! To bring this transphobic individual into our diverse neighborhood is a travesty,” said Tandy D. Hayes.


“Disgusting!” said Jim Anderson. “No more Avondale for me.”


A Birmingham bar, Al’s On 7th, also issued a statement saying it could no longer support Avondale Brewing Company or Good People Brewing Company, Avondale’s parent company if the show went on as planned.


“Al’s will no longer purchase any beer from Avondale Brewing Company nor Good People Brewing Company,” the bar said in a social media post. “Avondale will be hosting a Ted Nugent concert in July. Nugent has recently made serious transphobic comments.”

And just like that, the show was cancelled.

In announcing the concert’s cancellation, Avondale Brewing wrote this on Instagram Stories: “We have heard the concerns of the Avondale community, which is so important to us, and in conjunction with our partners, have taken the necessary steps to to cancel the Ted Nugent concert scheduled for July 18.”

So, essentially, Avondale decided that having their community support them and stay in business was more important than allowing Nugent to bring his radicalness to their venue.

Meanwhile, Bud Light and Anheuser Busch are doing just fine after Kid Rock led a MAGA protest of the beer after they had the audacity to have a partnership with trans actress and social media star, Dylan Mulvaney. Their stock has remained stable, even hitting some market highs in the last month. It never “crashed” or did anything of the sort as right wingers predicted.

Elsewhere on Nugent’s “farewell tour” ticket sales have been weak, to say the least. The vast majority of seats remain unsold, despite being offered at bargain basement prices, by today’s standard.

Perhaps Ted Nugent, the “man” who pooped his pants to avoid serving America in the military, should just say “farewell” and skip the tour.