It has been over two weeks since Kid Rock decided that shooting Bud Light cans with an automatic weapon was a great idea. Now, it is time to ask, “how’s that boycott working for ya”
Before the boycott, analysts had AB stock maxing out at 66 a share. At the close of business Wednesday, April 19th, it came within 3 measly cents of that. And no, a few rural beer distributors not selling their usual quota as some right wing outlets showed as “proof” that the boycott was working didn’t change that. They are a multi billion global company. Their sales are not totally dependent on US sales, let alone sales in remote and rural regions.
The graphs below show how their stock has fared in the last week, month, and year.
It is clear and easy to see that the stock has not “tanked” or “cratered” in any way, shape, or form.
Another note — when the stock was down around 44-45 bucks last October, no one predicted their demise. Again, Wednesday’s close was around 66 dollars. Since the boycott, it hasn’t drifted below 60 dollars and has continued to ride a wave that started before the boycott.

For those that don’t follow the Stock Market, it is important to note that the market is speculative, it reacts when news like a “boycott” hits — Not weeks or months, or even days later. Stock traders move their money fast and base it on the future, not the past. So, if investors thought the company was in trouble from this so-called “boycott” that money would have already moved.

It is now safe to assume that no one at Anheuser Busch, Wall Street or anywhere where money is made through the market took Kid Rock’s stunt seriously. It might be a good bet that he never took it seriously as far as impacting their sales in any significant way.

But ya know who’s sales were tanking? Kid Rock’s summer tour was tanking. He had to do something to sell some tickets to, as Fox News calls them, the “dumb cousin f*cker” crowd (what they actually called their viewers in court documents from the Dominion suit they just lost because they were lying to their viewers).

One might think that his ticket sales are probably doing better after the stunt, but no. If you wanna go see Kid Rock this summer, there are lots of tickets available. In an era where many popular acts see their ticket prices go into several hundred dollars just to get in the venue and thousands for the “prime seats,” you can catch Kid Rock for under 100 bucks and even the prime seats are often just 2 0r 3 hundred for weekend shows, which are usually the most sought after. Furthermore, at some of the venues, some “resale” (scalper) tickets are selling for less than the box office is charging.
So, it looks like the stunt didn’t even do much for Kid Rock’s flailing career.
The stock may fluctuate by a buck or two over the next few days, as hitting a max will trigger some auto selling. But it isn’t, wasn’t, nor will it be tanking over this boycott. Their sales are fine, the company is fine. Anheuser Busch knew what they were doing when they chose the LGBTQ community over Fox and Kid Rock’s “dumb cousin f*cker” crowd. Anheuser Busch canceled them. They didn’t cancel Anheuser Busch or even just Bud Light — not by a longshot
So, the “right wing cancel culture snowflakes” wasted their money pouring out beer and are probably now drinking beer from either another company AB owns — or, maybe buying from another company like Miller, Coors, etc that supports the LGBTQ community as much or more than AB.
That is what happened. The right wing boycott, like many others they have tried against companies like Coca Cola, Disney, Starbucks, Netflix, and the NFL. All of those corporations are doing just fine, just like Anheuser Busch is. Kid Rock failed to show Anheuser Busch ‘what’s what” and really didn’t even do anything to boost his own sales for his upcoming tour, which can be described as weak, especially when compared to other artist’s sales.