An enraged Michigan man told the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday that passing ordinances whicn mandate the wearing of protective facemasks will lead to “good people” like him and others doing “bad things” in response.

The man, who has not yet been identified, told commissioners:

“You wear that diaper on your face, if he farted right now, could you smell it? That’s how stupid this is! We’re all playing games here with people’s lives, and I’m sick of it. I represent all these hardworking guys who couldn’t be here today — just take off work to put up with this BS that you guys are putting down! And there’s hell coming. There’s hell coming, and I’m not doing it to threaten anybody! But there’s a lot of good guys out there ready to do bad things soon. Watch what’s coming.”

Seconds later, the man referenced what he called the “Nuremberg Codes,” pointing at the commissioners as he shouted:

“These mandates are against the Nuremburg Codes! The first one states, voluntary informed consent! Are you a Nazi? What is it?”

The Nuremberg Code conspiracy theory has already been debunked on numerous occasions, with USA Today’s fact checker noting:

“Requiring COVID-19 vaccination does not violate the Nuremberg Code because the vaccines aren’t experimental. All the vaccines approved for emergency use in the United States have already gone through clinical trials.”

Twitter users were both amused and horrified by what the Michigan man had to say:

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