Despite President Joe Biden not doing anything to warrant impeachment, QAnon Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) wants Republicans to take advantage of the crisis in Afghanistan to impeach him.

Greene has been obsessed with impeaching Biden since she stepped foot in Congress, introducing impeachment articles as soon as the new session began in January.

At the time, Biden had only been president for a week. Seven months later, Greene still wants Biden impeached and now she wants Republicans to take advantage of the chaos in Afghanistan to pursue her ridiculous plan.

While speaking with former Trump official Steve Bannon, Greene demanded Republican backing.

“They claim that I went too fast, that I rushed,” Greene complained. “They say the case needed to be built… I understand building a case. I know there’s a legal process but we have to get the ball rolling and there’s no reason to sit and wait.”

“I am calling for Republicans to stop waiting,” Greene continued. “I’m calling for Republican members of Congress to start the impeachment process. There is nothing to wait for. The American people are already ahead of Republicans.”

In fact, the Constitution requires “high crimes and misdemeanors” to justify impeachment, a case that no Republican can actually make against the current president. There is also no evidence that a majority of Americans support impeaching Biden. Biden’s approval rating is still healthy, and much higher than Donald Trump’s at any time over the last four years. This is clearly another attempt by Greene and her Republican allies to overturn the 2020 Election. Of course, Vice President Kamala Harris would then take over the presidency, but Greene wants her impeached as well for an equally absurd reason.

The Taliban took control of Afghanistan this month as American troops continue to withdraw after Trump signed a deal with the terrorists that delegitimized the Afghan government. Trump also freed 5,000 Taliban fighters and their leader. Trump is to blame for the chaos in Afghanistan, not Biden.

Greene then insisted Democrats would impeach Trump over Afghanistan.

“Because if the coin was flipped, Steve, if this was President Trump, they not only would impeach him, they would have him in jail and he would never see the light of day again,” she claimed. “They would arrest many members of his administration. It would look like communist China. These people would disappear. We need to move on this. Republicans in Congress have to take advantage of this crisis!”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

A president cannot be impeached for something their predecessor did. And even if Trump were impeached a third time Republicans would then have defended him and acquitted him like they did when Trump was impeached for inciting the Capitol insurrection and for extorting a foreign country to help him persecute his political rivals and obstructing justice.

Republicans refused to convict Trump despite him committing real crimes and the evidence being totally against him. Yet, Republicans apparently want to pursue impeaching Biden for doing nothing wrong. This is not only being pursued to overthrow democracy, it’s being pursued out of revenge. Greene and her co-conspirators should be expelled from Congress for these frivolous abuses of our constitutional system.

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