On August 17th, a California teacher … well, ex-teacher, named Tiffany Wilder made a post on social media proudly declaring that she had been suspended without pay for refusing to adhere to the state’s mask mandate. People who are anti-mask loved it.

In her post, she writes:

I have worked in the public indoctrination (school) system since 2011. Yesterday, I took a stand for humanity and our beautiful children. These kids are being coerced into a future where they have no rights, brainwashed into not questioning authority, using their intuition or critical thinking skills. They are being muzzled and separated from their friends and taught to define and judge others based on the color of their skin. I refuse to be a part of any of this abhorrent agenda. I walked in on the first day sans mask. I take my job as a positive role model to children seriously and I will not be an example of a sheep. Miss Tiffany doesn’t muzzle her face and neither should you! I was asked to exit my classroom and put on leave without pay. I implore everyone follow suit! We are so powerful as a collective and we can shift this evil paradigm into the beautiful manifestation that we know is possible! Stand strong in your truth and integrity. God has beautiful plans for us on the other side of fear.

Of course, the usual division of Americans took place in response. People in favor of masks and mandates trashed her while people who are anti-mask and see masks as part of a “larger conspiracy” praised her and made her “go viral.”

But did Wilder even get suspended for the dismissal of the rules or was it because of something else?

According to the website run by the State of California that lists teacher permits and other documentation in a transparent manner, Wilder’s permit to teach expired on August 1st. The site says her status is “valid” but the expiration date is clear.

Also, keep in mind, it was Wilder herself who gave the reason for the suspension, not the school or any entity. In fact, Wilder never even mentions where she taught school at. So, as of this writing, Lancaster Courier cannot even follow up with the school for verification. We have found no other sources citing the school or any authority — just Tiffany Wilder making the claim and others repeating her unverified claim.

It is possible that it was over the mask mandate. But it is equally as plausible that she is suspended because of outdated credentials and making up the mask mandate part. For what ends? Who knows. It is obvious that Tiffany Wilder is very anti-mask and sees it as part of a larger conspiracy. Perhaps she sees this as a way to gain celebrity and perhaps revenue championing that cause.

Perhaps there are other motives.