Dan Patrick, the Republican lieutenant governor of Texas, says blame for the massive surge in COVID cases being seen in the Lone Star State can be placed on Democrats and African-Americans.

Appearing on the Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle” Thursday evening, Patrick remarked:

“The COVID is spreading, particularly — most of the numbers are with the unvaccinated.

“Most of the numbers are with the unvaccinated and the Democrats like to blame Republicans on that. Well, the biggest group in most states are African Americans who have not been vaccinated. The last time I checked over 90 percent of them vote for Democrats in their major cities and major counties, so it’s up to the Democrats to get just as that it’s up to Republicans to try to get as many people vaccinated.”

Patrick failed to note that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the state GOP are bitterly opposed to mask mandates in the state, with the lieutenant governor telling Fox host Dana Perino on August 6:

“I have six, soon to be seven grandchildren and four of them are in elementary school. I’m not going to tell my son and my daughter-in-law, what to do with their children regarding masks. I’m not going to tell my daughter and son-in-law what to do about their children and their masks. That’s up to my daughter and my son to make that decision based on a lot of factors.

“So if I’m not going to tell my own son and daughter… why would I tell total strangers out there? We have five and a half million kids in public schools… that is more kids in school than half the states have people, I think. I’m not going to tell the parents of Texas, this is what you must do, and neither should the Department of Education or the Biden administration.”

So Patrick doesn’t want anyone telling children to wear protective masks, but he has no problem telling Black Texans that they’re to blame for spreading the vaccine and should get vaccinated ASAP.

Apparently, in Texas the color of your skin determines whether or not you should have to so what’s best for your fellow citizens.

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