Kid Rock fans really thought they had something. The perfect way to show how not gay they are. Led by the aging rapper, turned rocker, turned country good ole boy, turned … whatever, Kid Rock fans everywhere have been pouring their Bud Light out as if it would have any effect on their bottom line.

It didn’t. As of April 11th, Anheuser Busch’s stock has been way up over the previous month as the graph below shows.

This must leave all those Kid Rock fans wondering why their “boycott” hasn’t affected much of anything at all.

Well, the answer has come from Stephen Papageorge. In his Tik Tok video, Papageorge shows an irate Kid Rock and apparent Kiss fan (he is wearing a Kiss shirt featuring the band in their original make-up) declaring that Bud Light won’t “turn him gay” as he pours a can of it out.

Papageorge begins his dress down of the “not gay” fan by pointing out that Anheuser Busch didn’t decide to use transgender social media influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote their brand on a whim. They thought it all through. And what they decided over at Anheuser Busch was that they would rather have the LGBTQ community and people who support LGBTQ people drinking their beer than the homo and trans phobic crowd that Kid Rock plays to.

As Papageorge puts it, “they decided it would be a better look for you not to be drinking their beer.” He then added that Anheuser Busch didn’t want to align with their neo-Nazi brand of hate.

He didn’t stop there. Papageorge then went on to explain how one of his early mentors was a guy named Bill Aucoin. Aucoin was Kiss’s first manager. He was the guy who proposed the whole make-up thing with Kiss and made them what they became — flamboyant, make up covered, leather wearing, high heel wearing, rock stars. Aucoin was also an openly gay man, in the 1970s. In the “macho” world of hard rock music — he was accepted and celebrated. His “gay” ideas on how to present Kiss is the biggest reason they were able to break through and become superstars.

Papageorge then tells the guy in a Kiss shirt arrogantly telling Bud Light how they weren’t going to turn him gay while wearing a Kiss shirt to “enjoy your shirt.”

Perhaps someday Kid Rock fans, Kiss fans, and Travis Tritt fans will realize that beer, or a t-shirt can’t “make you gay.” Maybe someday they will have the revelation that gay people and straight people can enjoy the same foods, beverages, and entertainment without changing their sexuality. Possibly in the future, they might have an epiphany where they realize being gay or straight is not a choice.

Until then, here we are.

You can check out Stephen Papageorge and his excellent observations below …


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