Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made incredibly insensitive remarks about the Uvalde school shooting this week as he defended guns on a radio show.

Republicans have largely refused to support legislative proposals to reduce gun violence in this country, preferring to once again only offer “thoughts and prayers” despite 19 children and two teachers being gunned down in class by a shooter using an AR-15 assault rifle that he was easily able to purchase at the age of 18.

Adding further insult to injury, Paxton claimed that the families of the victims should take “comfort” that the killings were “God’s plan.”

“I would just have to say, if I had the opportunity to talk to the people I’d have to say, ‘look, there’s always a plan,'” Paxton said. “I believe God always has a plan. Life is short no matter what it is. And certainly, we’re not going to make sense of, you know, a young child being shot and killed way before their life expectancy.”

Here’s the audio via Twitter:

So, God’s plan is to kill little kids with guns. That’s what Paxton is saying and he wants parents to just accept that as a sacrifice for gun rights, which he went on to defend during another radio appearance by attacking efforts by Democrats to do something meaningful to stop the killing.

“Whatever law [the Democrats] are trying to pass, if it violates the Second Amendment, we’re going to fight them,” Paxton reportedly said. “I don’t care who it is. They have no right to take guns away from law-abiding U.S. citizens, or restrict their use. This is exactly what the Founding Fathers tried to prevent [with the Constitution]. They were trying to prevent the government from having an advantage by having weapons the citizens didn’t have.”

That’s wildly inaccurate. In fact, it’s a straight-up lie. Once again, Republicans conveniently ignore the language of the 2nd Amendment, specifically the “well-regulated” part, in order to push their violent pro-gun agenda. Paxton also appears to admit that Republicans want to legalize murder by opposing laws restricting the use of guns. It’s just like when Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) declared that Republicans need guns for insurrections.

Paxton’s dangerous logic also suggests Republicans want average citizens to own tanks, missile launchers, fighter jets, grenades, and weapons of mass destruction to take on the government and military.

Kids are dead, and all Republicans care about is guns and using them against a government they don’t like because their party isn’t in power. The 2nd Amendment has become a tool that right-wing terrorists are using to wage war. And Republicans are aiding and abetting their terrorism. It’s time to do something about it. If that means repealing the 2nd Amendment, so be it. The lives of our children are more valuable.

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