Fox News used to be a place where Trump and his MAGA minions could go on and seemingly spew whatever nonsense might rile up their flock or boost their own star. Then the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit happened and Fox News found itself desperately settling with Dominion for almost 800 million dollars to avoid court at the last minute.

The final verdict on how Fox has reformed itself is by no means in, but at least one MAGA congressman, James Comer, who chairs the House Oversight Committee found that the usual “softball” interview that the MAGA crowd is used to seems to have disappeared from the airwaves.

Comer found himself having to actually answer questions and/or provide proof of the alleged “crimes” by the current President, Joe Biden. To top it off, this just wasn’t one time, but twice in one morning that Comer was asked for and couldn’t provide proof to Fox or their audience.

First, Comer went on Fox and Friends and was interviewed by long time host, Steve Doocy. Comer tried to gloss over how his committee hasn’t actually found any facts in his “fact-finding” investigation and instead tried to connect dots that just weren’t there in a series of logical fallacies.

Doocy called him out in pretty plain language, however.

“I know the Republicans said that the smoking gun were these financial records that you were able to subpoena and got your hands on,” Doocy told Comer on Thursday. “And your party, the Republican investigators, say that that’s proof of influence peddling by Hunter and James [Biden].”

“But that’s just your suggestion,” the Fox News host pointed out. “You don’t actually have any facts to that point. You’ve got some circumstantial evidence.” Doocy also added, “And the other thing is, of all those names, the one person who didn’t profit is that — there’s no evidence that Joe Biden did anything illegally.”

Comer kept trying to convince Doocy and his Fox audience that even though he had no proof, that it must be true and blaming their lack of actually finding any wrongdoing is due to a clever use of codenames by Hunter Biden — as if that ever stopped a prosecution.

Comer then went over to Fox Business where he probably thought that Maria Bartiromo would allow him to sell his snake oil unfettered. That didn’t happen.

This time, Comer tried to declare that he would be instituting “plan B” like it was some master plan destined for victory. That notion was broken with the most simple of questions by the Fox Business host.

“Congressman, what’s Plan B?” Bartiromo asked.

Comer had no substantive response and instead crumbled into a pile of word salad:

“Well, stay tuned. Maria. You’ll be the first person that’ll know. I, I can assure you,” he replied. “But it’s, uh, you know, we assumed the FBI would continue this pattern of behavior of, uh, you know, acting independently. I mean, this is an example of the deep state, uh, and the fourth branch of government.”

Comer and Senator Chuck Grassley have been trying to sell their flimsy charges in the court of public opinion and it has not gone well for them. They have touted an unknown “whistleblower” yet refuse to describe what the person knows or even how they were in a position to know it. They have had full access to financial records on the entire Biden family yet can’t find anything wrong and only that the Biden’s are capable of making a modest amount of money (by today’s standards) and reported that money and paid taxes on that money as required.

Did a little nepotism perhaps occur? Probably. But that isn’t illegal and it would not be a stretch to speculate that such things happen with regular occurrence with politicians of all stripes. In fact, it is a common occurrence with people of all stripes, regardless of the industry or occupation. If nepotism was a crime, half the nation would probably be behind bars.

Outside of that, Comer and Grassley haven’t gotten much, if any, traction. It is also important to note that The Department of Justice has had Hunter Biden’s laptop and had plenty of opportunity to find any crimes since the Trump administration. They found next to nothing. The only thing they found was some small tax discrepancies, which were easily resolved.

And it appears that even Fox has had enough of their nonsense.

Check out a clip of James Comer getting embarrassed on Fox and Friends below …