Donald Trump and other Republicans have had a rough month. Trump has been indicted on 34 felonies in one NY court, and found liable for sexual assault and defamation in another court and is on the hook for a 5 million dollar payout to the woman he assaulted and defamed. Meanwhile, America has learned more and more about Clarence and Ginni Thomas and their secret sugar daddies who kept them awash in cash and perks for decades. On top of that, the GOP’s favorite “news” source was embarrassingly forced into a last-minute settlement when their lying ways were under the spotlight. The fallout from the Fox settlement saw their most popular prime time host fired for reasons that most believe haven’t yet come to light. That is saying a lot since so much about Carlson came to light before, during, and after the Dominion suit.

So, of course, the GOP is trying to flip the script and wants everybody to be talking about Hunter Biden and the nefarious “Biden Crime Family” like they are Delaware’s version of the Soprano or Corleone family.

But unlike Trump’s court losses and battles, the Thomas’s sugar daddies, and Fox News’s lies, all scandals with actual proof and evidence involved, the GOP’s attempts to smear Joe Biden come with no proof or evidence. Earlier this week, House Oversight Committee chair, James Comer was humiliated even on Fox trying to peddle stories about the Biden family. Both Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy and Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo called out Comer for trying to equate what seems to be at worst some nepotism with a mafia crime syndicate.

Now, Ron Johnson thought that he could do a better job than Comer in ramping up the GOP distraction machine by going on Bartiromo’s show and explaining that while they have no proof after years of investigation, the American people have to believe them because of their “inferences.”

When asked for any actual proof by Bartiromo, Johnson had only this to say;

“You have, you have to infer what’s happening here. You, you have to take a look at the, the bulk of the evidence. You have to file the money and realize what, so what did this Biden family member do to earn that amount of money? I mean, that’s what we did with, with Hunter Biden in Ukraine,” Johnson said.

“I mean, what did he know about oil and gas to be on the board of Burisma and knocked down about $4 million over the course of a number of years when his father was the point person in Ukraine, that, that corrupt system,” Johnson continued. “So again, you, you have to infer these things.”

Yes, Hunter Biden made some money from a Ukrainian energy company. He is hardly the 1st person to benefit from his family name, and yes, it is sometimes seemingly unfair. But it isn’t a crime. Holding a job that one is not totally qualified for is common. Most people know someone who has gotten a job or promotion because of who they are more than anything they have done or accomplished.

Again, that isn’t a crime.

Heck, Americans need to look no further than Congress for examples of unqualified people in jobs they don’t deserve. Congress always has members who got there on their family name or their political connections. Some people might not like that, but it isn’t a crime.

Furthermore, in America, we don’t convict people on inferences. We convict and hold people liable with proof and evidence. “Judge” Ron Johnson apparently doesn’t know that. Or perhaps, he has to do such things just because of the need to distract from the mountain of proof, evidence, and court verdicts going against his political allies.