90 former national security figures signed a letter demanding that the whistleblower’s (from the Ukraine scandal) identity be protected. On the other side of the coin, Senator Lindsay Graham insisted that the whistleblower protections be nixed and expose via open hearings that he vowed to do in the Senate.

Of course, the Outnumbered team almost universally backed Graham and the White House, who is also trying to expose the whistleblower. Melissa Francis tried to appear “fair and balanced” but basically said that yes, whistleblowers deserve protection except this one. Other Outnumbered panelists including Harris Faulkner and Kennedy, along with today’s “one lucky guy” Brian Kilmeade echoed the GOP/Administration talking points.

Then came Jessica Tarlov. She literally had to explain what whistleblower protection means. She spoke about why it is important, that whistleblowers need the protection of their identity so retaliations cannot happen because they are literally speaking truth to power — and that power can crush them.

As she was successful in making these points, Faulkner and crew tried their darndest to silence Tarlov. Cutting her off and trying to change the narrative. Faulkner tried to pull a fast one saying the whistleblower could testify behind closed doors in a closed hearing.

Except, that is not at all what Graham, other GOPers, and Trump are demanding. They want open sessions which would inherently make the whistleblower subject to retaliation not only from Trump and his agents within the government, but his supporters throughout the country. A crowd that doesn’t seem adverse to making death threats against anyone who points out Trump’s misdeeds.

Then when Tarlov began to give the crew a history lesson, talking about “the original whistleblower,” the one known as “Deep Throat” (Mark Felt) during the investigation into Richard Nixon that led to his resignation as Congress was about to begin his impeachment — Kennedy tried to turn it all into a joke.

Tarlov mentioned that the name of “Deep Throat” wasn’t known for decades later, Kennedy sarcastically talked over her, saying, “Here I thought it was Alexander Haig all this time” trying to distract from Tarlov’s facts about whistleblower protections.

Check out the full clip below. The longer clip has been cued to the beginning of the segment:


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