Overnight, Trump made a decision that many foreign policy experts are calling an abandonment of our allies, The Kurds, in Syria. Many point to the Kurds as being instrumental in the defeat of the ISIS caliphate.

The move goes against the recommendations of top defense and military officials, who have sought to keep a small U.S. presence in northeast Syria to continue the operation against the Islamic State and reassure the Kurds that Turkey will not launch an invasion. Ankara considers the Kurdish fighters to be a terrorist insurgency and has long condemned American support to the group.

“Turkey has just overturned two years of effort to defeat ISIS, an effort they did nothing to assist with,” said one senior administration official who requested anonymity. “The entire DOD leadership was opposed.”

The Kurds will now be at the mercy of Ankara and Turkey. Keep in mind that the Kurds have done everything asked of them by the US … now we are literally abandoning them.

This morning on Fox and Friends two of the hosts actually defended this decision as “fulfilling a campaign promise.” The third host, Brian Kilmeade, stood up to this brutal and callous move by Trump.

“What kind of message is that to the next ally that wants to side with us? … All we did is arm them, and they did all the work. And now we say ‘good luck. Good luck surviving.’ Disaster.”

The other two hosts insisted Turkey would take over the fight against ISIS, something they have been unwilling to do so far and by many accounts have no intention to do now. What is more certain is that Turkey will attack the Kurds, who they consider “terrorists” instead of a vital US ally who was instrumental in defeating the caliphate.


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