Lately, the internet has been filled with the whole “ok boomer” thing. For those not familiar, the “thing” is the new “call out” when people of the baby-boomer generation say something that younger people, mainly millennials, don’t like. Its basic purpose is just to hijack and shut down any conversation by mocking the old person.

Leave it to Captain Kirk to save the day for older Americans.

William Shatner, who played Kirk in the original Star trek series was the recent recipient of the “ok boomer” line. There’s only one problem. Shatner was born in 1931. He isn’t even close to being a baby boomer, which are people born between the end of World War II and about 1964.

Shatner shut the dismissive youngin down in short order with just one line …

Shatner was merely replying to a follower asking for more information. When Shatner replied by jovially telling the follower to look it up on a search engine like Google, “Rebekah W.” jumped in with the dismissive “ok boomer” line.

From the looks of other replies, it looks like Shatner has won the internet for the day.

One astute follower pointed out how much Shatner’s former show actually changed the world by opening our minds to ideas — some of which have already become reality.

Another Twitter user made the point that Shatner was actually educating someone else on technology — kind of the opposite of what the dismissive insult is supposed to mock.

Rebekah learned what many before her have learned. Captain Kirk always wins.


Featured image via Flickr