President Donald Trump loves taking credit for things he did not do, and he did it again on Wednesday when he claimed to have just opened an Apple manufacturing plant in Texas even though his claim is a provable lie.

Desperate to distract Americans as Congress continues the public impeachment inquiry against him, Trump took to Twitter to take credit for an Apple plant in Texas, presumably in an effort to convince everyone that he should not be ousted from office because the economy is supposedly doing well.

The problem is that not only is the economy slipping due to Trump’s disastrous trade war with China, which is negatively impacting the manufacturing sector, the Apple plant he is boasting about “opening” actually opened in 2013 during the Obama administration.

Seriously, Trump is taking credit for the existence of a factory that has been around for six years.

In fact, Apple just announced that it was expanding the plant, but that decision has absolutely nothing to do with Trump.

And Apple has been a strong critic of Trump’s trade war with China, even joining a letter signed by multiple companies asking him to dial it back or give them an exemption because his trade decisions threaten to force industries to cut jobs or pass along expenses to consumers or both.

Trump had earlier visited the plant in Austin to falsely brag about how it’s his policies that are forcing Apple to open new facilities here. He even toured the plant with CEO Tim Cook, whom Trump once referred to as “Tim Apple” during an event at the White House earlier this year.

Unfortunately for Trump, Apple can open all the factories it wants here, it won’t erase the crimes he is rightfully being impeached for committing.


Featured Image: Wikimedia