Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano made it clear Wednesday on the network that the evidence laid out by House Intelligence Committee in its 300-page impeachment report does indeed merit impeaching President Donald Trump from office.

Prior to Wednesday morning’s hearings in the House Judiciary Committee, Napolitano was asked by host Bill Hemmer:

“You believe the president has committed impeachable offenses?”

Napolitano, a former judge, responded:

“I believe that the Democrats have credibly argued that he committed impeachable offenses. The easiest one — it exists in Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton — was obstruction of Congress.”

He then continued:

“By directing his subordinates to refuse to comply with lawfully issued subpoenas, whether it’s for testimony or for documents, that’s an impeachable offense. We know that from history. Every time the House has looked at that with respect to the president, they have found that to be impeachable.

“On that, reasonable minds cannot disagree without rejecting history and without rejecting constitutional norms.”

Hemmer next inquired:

“If you were in the House, would you vote for impeachment?”

Once more, Napolitano said he would vote to impeach Trump:

“I certainly would. I would on that count.”

The very thought that anyone at Fox (which is often referred to as Trump TV) would advocate for impeaching Trump is stunning. Granted, Napolitano has been critical of the president’s actions in the past, but this is new, even for the judge.

With each day, it appears clearer that Trump has indeed done things that rise to the level of “high crimes and misdemeanors” specified in the Constitution for impeachment. One of those crimes, bribery, is even mentioned in regard to a reason for removing a head of state from office.

Though it remains to be seen if the Senate would actually vote to kick Trump out of the White House, the evidence seems overwhelming at this point, even to an employee of Trump TV. 

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