President Donald Trump responded to missile attacks by Iran against two military bases in Iraq on Tuesday night by claiming that “all is well,” words that immediately caused a firestorm of criticism to rain down upon him.

Iran finally retaliated in response to the assassination of General Qasem Suleimani by firing missiles at two bases where American troops are stationed. Several found their mark, but none of our troops were killed. However, some Iraqi soldiers were casualties of the strikes. Despite the losses, and the fact that hostilities are escalating toward war, Trump had the gall to tweet that everything is somehow just fine while bragging about the military.

Again, American troops could have been killed by missiles launched by Iran in a retaliatory action, and some of our Iraqi allies took a hit. All is definitely NOT well, and that’s why Trump’s post took a severe backlash.

This is about the dumbest statement Trump could have made following a military strike that was meant to kill American troops. At the very least, Trump could have pretended to have sympathy for the casualties. Instead, he made an ass of himself again.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot