Former Special Counsel Ken Starr, who urged the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton for lying about consensual sex with an intern back in 1998, says President Donald Trump should be forgiven for his actual crimes because he has appointed conservative judges to the courts.

Trump abused his power by trying to bribe Ukraine into opening a sham investigation against his political rival in an effort to stack the 2020 Election in his favor and has been obstructing Congress from fully investigating the scandal. That’s why the full House is voting on two articles of impeachment against him on Wednesday.

But despite the damning evidence and witness testimony against Trump, Starr appeared on Fox News to defend him, arguing that Trump should be given a pass and forgiven for his criminality just because he has furthered the conservative agenda, especially when it comes to the courts.

“People sign up with a political party and now the loyalty to President Trump — not because of his personality,” Starr said. “I think people have to look past his personality. But because of what his agenda has been. Remember the Supreme Court appointments, that covers — as we say — a multitude of sins. So, yes, today is going to be filled with anger and vitriol. And I think we’re going to hear a lot of the same things over again… rush to judgment, what was the rush?”

Starr would also rant about how impeaching Trump is “partisan” and unpopular even though polls show a majority support impeachment. Polls during the Starr investigation of Clinton revealed that most Americans disapproved of his work and believed his probe to be “overly partisan.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Starr literally admitted that Trump committed a “multitude of sins,” but is dismissing them because he likes Trump’s destructive agenda. He has surrendered his credibility as a lawyer and as a former special counsel.

We cannot ignore a president’s crimes for any reason, especially the sycophantic partisan reasons Starr is spouting. Starr and a majority of Republicans, however, are willing to shred the Constitution if it means having absolute power. If former President Obama had committed Trump’s crimes, Republicans would have wasted no time impeaching him and Starr would have supported them. They should be ashamed of their hypocrisy.


Featured Image: YouTube screenshot