Disgraced former President Donald Trump will be forever known as the most destabilizing president our country has ever had the misfortune to have in the White House, but Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) ignored that by claiming President Joe Biden is “destabilizing.”


Graham and other Republicans have been desperately attacking Biden but nothing has stuck, which is why Biden’s approval rating stands at around 54 percent, with a high 63 percent approval rating among young Americans. Biden’s numbers are far better than Trump’s, which remained below 50 percent his entire four years.

Clearly, Americans appreciate Biden’s hard work and the fact that he’s not constantly ranting and raving on Twitter like a madman and has no desire to be a dictator. Biden certainly hasn’t incited an insurrection to overthrow democracy as Trump did on January 6th.

On Sunday, Graham whined because Biden isn’t governing as a “moderate,” which is laughable because Trump was no moderate.

“During the campaign, he made us all believe that Joe Biden would be the moderate choice, that court-packing was a boneheaded idea,” Graham said. “All of the sudden, we’ve got a commission to change the structure of the Supreme Court. Making D.C. a state, I think that is a very radical idea that will change the makeup of the United States Senate.”

Congress has the authority to admit D.C. as a state. It’s not a radical idea. It’s an issue of having fair representation in the House and Senate since D.C. residents pay high taxes and have a population larger than that of Wyoming. But Republicans are so terrified of two more Democrats being added to the Senate that they are conjuring any lame excuse to oppose statehood.

As for the Supreme Court, Republicans have been engaged in court-packing for years, even stealing Supreme Court seats and ramming through unqualified right-wing nominees. Biden merely put together a commission to look at reforming the high court, which is long overdue for updates, which is why Democrats unveiled legislation to add four more seats so that the number of judges on the bench will once again equal the number of appellate courts.

Graham then argued that Biden is liked too much by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

“That’s all you need to know!” he claimed. “I like Joe Biden. But I’m in the 43% [of Americans who disapprove of Biden] — he’s been a disaster on foreign policy. The border is in chaos, the Iranians are off the mat, he’s opening up negotiations with the Iranian regime and they haven’t done a damn thing to change. Afghanistan is going to fall apart. Russia and China are already pushing him around.”

Let’s begin by making it clear that Trump left Biden a foreign policy mess to clean up, starting with the border. The recent surge of migrants is nothing our nation has not experienced before, even during Trump’s term in office. Republicans are exaggerating the situation as usual.

Iran would not be an issue had Trump not withdrawn from the nuclear agreement and re-applied sanctions that were totally unnecessary since Iran had been complying with the terms of the deal. Trump’s aggressive posture toward Iran is why Biden has been forced to clean up that mess as well and is currently seeking to start negotiations to bring Iran back on track.

As for Afghanistan, we’ve been there for 20 years now, so it’s time to end that war.

And contrary to Graham’s claim, Russia and China are NOT pushing Biden around. Biden recently slapped sanctions on Russia for interfering with our elections and Russia recently withdrew troops from the Ukraine border after being warned by our government and our NATO allies.

Biden also has a plan to confront a rising China, a lot of which has to do with his infrastructure plan to rebuild our own country so we can compete, which Republicans oppose. Sounds like China is pushing Republicans around like Putin pushed Trump around the last four years.

“So, I’m very worried,” Graham went on. “I think he’s been a very destabilizing president. And economically, he’s throwing a wet blanket over the recovery, wanting to raise taxes in a large amount and regulate America basically out of business. So I’m not very impressed with the first 100 days. This is not what I thought I would get.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Remember when Republicans claimed that the economy would implode once Biden took office? Yeah, that has NOT happened. Instead, the economy is seeing quite a boom as Biden leads the nation in the fight against the coronavirus. More than 200 million Americans have been vaccinated and the American Rescue Plan provided desperately needed financial relief to the people and communities who need it most. Biden is proposing a modest tax increase on major corporations and billionaires to pay for infrastructure spending and other things Americans need in an effort to make our country stronger. Graham’s not impressed because he has spent the last four years sucking up to Trump with nothing to show for it while Biden is demonstrating what real leadership looks like. Graham should be ashamed of himself.

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