Vice President Kamala Harris posted an innocuous tweet about Memorial Day weekend and conservatives are losing their sh*t over it despite never once criticizing former President Donald Trump for literally insulting our fallen troops.

Memorial Day weekend is a time when conservatives across the country drink beer, eat barbeque, and pretend that they care about the troops even though those same conservatives cheered on an insurrection attempt at the Capitol to overthrow the very democracy our troops have fought and died to defend.

On Saturday, Harris told Americans to “Enjoy the long weekend” seeing as how Memorial Day also means many Americans get a three-day weekend.

Of course, hypocritical conservatives immediately jumped to attack Harris by accusing her of not caring about the troops, including Nikki Haley, who had the gall to call Harris “unprofessional and unfit” to hold office.

Even Fox News feigned outrage.

As usual, conservatives conveniently ignored a tweet Harris appropriately posted the day before Memorial Day.

Neither of Harris’ tweets is outrageous, and they are certainly nothing like Trump’s very real disrespect for our men and women in uniform as Twitter users reminded them in response along with a reminder that Fox News used Memorial Day to promote cocktails.

Indeed, Fox News even confirmed that Trump referred to fallen soldiers as “suckers” and “losers.”

Every time Republicans whine about President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris, Trump’s very real and very atrocious behavior will be brought up. Let’s not forget that Republicans failed to condemn Trump’s behavior and still support him today. If they really cared about the troops and respected their service and sacrifice, they wouldn’t be fawning over a five-time draft dodger who incited an attempted coup after four years of repeatedly insulting POWs and Gold Star families. The only ones who are truly disrespecting our troops are Republicans.

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