President Donald Trump is desperately denying that he ever disparaged American soldiers and veterans, but Fox News National Security Correspondent Jen Griffin confirmed the report that said he did exactly that.

The Atlantic published a bombshell story detailing Trump’s real feelings about the military as Trump’s support among veterans and active-duty troops continues to fall.

For example, Trump refused to visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France where 1,800 US Marines are buried, not because of rain, but because he didn’t want to honor soldiers he considers “losers” and “suckers.”

As if that were not enough, Trump also raged against flags being lowered to honor the late-Senator John McCain and didn’t want disabled veterans to participate in a planned military parade because he’s disgusted by their wounds.

The Associated Press and the Washington Post have both backed up the report, but Trump and his loyal minions continue to refute it. But even Fox News has confirmed it, thus blowing up Trump’s claim that the report is “fake news.”

Needless to say, Trump has been trotting out his loyalists all day to claim that he never said such things, but Trump has disrespected the military on several occasions, including when he publicly claimed on video that he does not consider McCain a war hero because he was a prisoner of war. Trump has even repeatedly insulted McCain since his death.

Trump’s campaign stole millions of dollars raised for veterans back in 2016. And Trump dodged the draft five times during the Vietnam War to avoid military service.

Let’s also not forget that Trump has rarely shown up at Dover when the bodies of fallen soldiers arrive home. In addition, Trump has insulted several military leaders, including Generals James Mattis and John Kelly, Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, and smeared a Gold Star family. Oh, and there’s also that whole Russian bounties for the killing of American troops scheme that Trump has still not condemned.

So, it’s not just this new report that reveals Trump as the scumbag he is, his own past actions and words back it up as well, leaving zero doubt that Trump insulted our military, the very institution he would need support from if he refuses to leave office. Now the military has every reason to drag him out.

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