President Donald Trump attacked a Marine veteran on Memorial Day of all days in a desperate and disgraceful effort to campaign for a Republican congressional candidate.

Rep. Conor Lamb served as a Marine for four years and still serves in the reserve as a captain. He ran for Congress in Pennsylvania in 2018, beating a Republican in the race who behaved a lot like Trump.

As a member of our armed forces, Lamb deserves respect, especially from the president. After all, Trump constantly claims that he loves the troops.

But Trump viciously attacked Lamb on Memorial Day by calling him an “American fraud” while singing the praises of Lamb’s Republican challenger.

Frankly, Parnell should be disgusted with Trump’s attack on his behalf. This is no way for a president to treat a member of the military. Trump didn’t even bother to spell Lamb’s name correctly. And Twitter users also reminded Parnell of why he shouldn’t think being shouted out by Trump is “cool.”

Lamb himself also responded to Trump’s attack.

This was certainly no way to treat a veteran on Memorial Day and it speaks to how Trump really feels about our men and women in uniform.

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