As the world continues to watch in horror at what Russian troops are doing in Ukraine, former President Donald Trump was asked about the conflict on the Nelk Boys podcast and began ranting about windmills killing birds.

Referring back to when he was still in the White House, Trump remarked:

“I told [Putin], he can’t do it… This would have never happened… and we spoke about it. Cuz I knew that he had a love for it. Look, they took over Crimea under Obama – and Biden – but they took over Crimea like Grant took Richmond, okay? They took it over, it was very quick.

“Under Bush, they took over Georgia. I don’t mean the Georgia we know and love, I mean the other Georgia. They took that over. And they took it over very easily without any repercussion. And now, they’re taking over the whole ball of wax under Biden and it’s really a disgraceful situation.

“It would have never happened. And we did talk about it. He definitely wanted Ukraine. Loved Ukraine. Would never have happened.”

Host Kyle Forgeard then asked Trump:

“What do you see happening next then? Because it seems like the tensions are high. How does this all end? Is this going to be like a long-term thing? How do you see it unfolding?”

Rather than actually answer the question, Trump began talking about windmills:

“Well, and I said this a long time ago, if this happens, we are playing right into their hands. Green energy. The windmills, they don’t work, they’re too expensive, they kill all the birds, they ruin your landscapes, and yet, the environmentalists love the windmills.

“I’ve been preaching this for years, the windmills.”

From there, the notoriously scatterbrained former president suggested that no one knew how reliant Europe was on Russian exports until he brought to their attention:

“Until I came around, nobody knew what Nord Stream 2 was. I was telling [German Chancellor Angela Merkel] loud and clear and publicly, and in fact I sent her something as a little gift — it was a white flag… I said Russia has you in a position that you’ve never been in before if you do this deal.”

Trump, it should be noted, has been obsessed with windmills for years, as Karen Heller of the Washington Post noted in 2019:

“He doesn’t like them the way the British feel about the French, the way Aaron Burr felt about Hamilton, the way everyone feels about the New England Patriots. Except the president’s persistent nemesis is inanimate. Trump is like Cervantes’s Don Quixote, who tilted at windmills — that is, jousted — believing they might be monstrous giants. What have wind turbines ever done to Trump?”

Ukraine is being reduced to rubble and Donald Trump is worried about windmills. Is it any wonder why so many people think he’s dumb as a rock?

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