Not to be outdone by his disgraced daddy, Donald Trump Jr. appeared to be inciting violence against teachers during a rant on video complete with a wall of guns in the background.

This country has experienced hundreds of school shootings in recent years, but Trump Jr. was totally tone deaf to that epidemic of gun violence over the weekend when he posted a video of himself attacking teachers for wanting to open schools safely as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Don Jr. targeted teachers’ unions specifically, claiming they have “held up progress, prevented schools from opening [and] failed our children” and that “it seems like they’ll do anything they can to avoid going back.”

On Twitter, Trump Jr. promoted the video by accusing teachers’ unions of being “out of control” and that they are “destroying our kid’s futures.”

This is the kind of rhetoric that incites violence. This country is not even two months removed from the insurrection at the Capitol that Don Jr’s father incited by lying about the election and declaring that Democrats are somehow destroying the country’s future.

Of course, Democrats are not doing that at all, and neither are teachers’ unions. The fact is that schools are gathering places for hundreds and even thousands of kids every day. That makes every single school day a super-spreader event at a time when the coronavirus has killed 500,000 Americans. It has even killed children despite claims by conservatives that kids are somehow safe from being infected.

Several teachers have contracted the virus and have died, which is a big reason why teachers are particularly concerned about reopening schools too early.

It should be pointed out that had Trump Jr’s daddy taken this pandemic more seriously in the first place, perhaps schools would have been reopened by now. But he allowed the virus to spread uncontrollably and forced schools to close. He also botched the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, something President Joe Biden has had to fix.

Trump Jr. is not an education expert, nor is he a health expert. If schools are going to reopen, they must be reopened safely so both teachers and students are protected from contracting a deadly virus that could kill them and/or their family members.

And he’s not helping matters by posing in front of a wall of guns either. If anything, he is inciting violence against teachers as if forcing them to reopen schools by gunpoint is the answer. He is inciting school shootings. He is inciting domestic terrorism just like his dad did and he needs to be shut down by social media platforms.

Teachers are not trying to destroy kid’s lives. They are trying to protect them and themselves, which is more than the Trump family has ever done.

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