Outgoing President Donald Trump hyped up the coronavirus vaccine distribution as a “miracle” and took credit for it. The problem is that he had nothing to do with it and it’s not going nearly as smoothly as he claims.

Over 320,000 Americans are dead because Trump downplayed the virus at every turn and recklessly and incompetently responded to it from the start.

But now that vaccines are starting to roll out, Trump wants all the credit for that while refusing to take responsibility for the crisis he inflamed when many of these deaths and infections could have been prevented.

Again, Trump does not deserve credit for the vaccine. The first company that developed and distributed a vaccine was Pfizer out of Germany, which did not take any government funding and had nothing to do with Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Furthermore, scientists are the ones who developed the vaccine and healthcare workers are the ones giving it to people. Trump, meanwhile, has spent his time sitting on his a** watching television, tweeting, or playing golf on the taxpayer dime.

As for distribution, it hasn’t gone smoothly at all and it appears Trump is punishing certain states by delaying distribution or slashing the number of vaccines to be distributed.

According to US News:

States where a greater proportion of the population has died from COVID-19 over the course of the pandemic will, on average, also achieve lower vaccine coverage of their health care providers. This is particularly stark in urbanized states such as New York and Massachusetts, as well as in D.C.: Each has experienced high mortality so far, but also is home to a disproportionate number of health care workers, leading to low coverage under the Operation Warp Speed plan.

A better plan would have prioritized states that have been hit hardest, not whether or not a state voted for Trump.

USA Today reports:

Instead of setting up a national distribution system based on [high priority] groups, Operation Warp Speed leaders announced that states would receive vaccine supplies based on their adult populations.

Lynn Goldman, an epidemiologist and dean of the Milken Institute’s School of Public Health at George Washington University, said it makes no sense that federal authorities instructed states to figure out who should get vaccines first but didn’t allocate based on that principle.

“Logically, distribution should follow the priority patient scheme,” Goldman said. “There are ways that could have been planned in advance.”

Lori Freeman, chief executive officer of the National Association of County and City Health Officials, said Warp Speed leaders did not get input from local authorities, who have to carry out the national vaccination program and may get blamed for failures.

So, it appears Trump has botched the distribution of the vaccine just like he botched the response to the virus. More people are going to die because of it and he should be held accountable via prosecution and prison, not given credit as if he’s some sort of savior.

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