Two Missouri men have been taken into custody in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, after police received a tip that they were planning to travel to Kenosha for the purpose of looting and to “pick people off,” according to news station WISN:

“The FBI tracked Michael Karmo and Cody Smith to the La Quinta hotel in Pleasant Prairie on Sept. 1.

“Investigators said they searched the men’s vehicle and hotel room, where FBI agents recovered an Armory AR-15 assault rifle, a Mossberg 500 AB 12-Gauge shotgun, two handguns, a silencer, ammunition, body armor, a drone and other materials.”

A press release from the FBI also alleges that Karmo and Smith told agents they “wanted to see proof of the rioting” and also had the intention of driving to Portland, Oregon, saying they were hoping to “take action” if the city voted to defund police.

In the criminal complaint, the two men are identified as members of the 417 2nd Amendment Militia of Missouri and were also planning to attend President Donald Trump’s rally in Kenosha.

Ironically, neither Karmo or Smith were supposed to be in possession of any weapons, as both have criminal records. They now face weapons charges for their failed attempt to foment violence in Kenosha.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to fan the flames when it comes to racial justice marches taking place in several U.S. cities, tweeting out threats to officials in Portland on Thursday evening:

The alleged killer of Danielson was shot dead by federal officers on Thursday when he reportedly pulled a gun on law enforcement and threatened them.

Trump has not yet commented on the arrest of Karmo and Smith.

Featured Image Via NBC News