Outgoing First Lady Melania Trump had the gall to tout her “Be Best” initiative against cyberbullying this week even though her husband used social media to incite an attempted coup at the Capitol that resulted in several deaths.

Melania has been the most useless First Lady in American history, and she demonstrated that again on Friday by pretending to have achieved something of a legacy with the “Be Best” initiative she basically copied from former First Lady Michelle Obama.

The problem is that her own husband never embodied the ideals of the initiative, thus undermining the message she attempted to push over the last four years. Disgraced outgoing President Donald Trump has repeatedly used social media to bully and intimidate others, even using it to incite violence, which culminated in the failed insurrection at the Capitol last week.

Trump’s supporters have also been using social media to plot the assassination of Democrats and future coup attempts in response to multiple social media platforms shutting down his accounts.

Needless to say, Americans stomped all over Melania for pretending that she actually did something productive for the country, especially since part of her real legacy includes not caring about kids being locked up in cages at the border, refusing to invite Dr. Jill Biden to the White House, and placing a now devalued Presidential Medal of Freedom around hate merchant Rush Limbaugh’s neck.

Clearly, Melania is trash and her legacy is garbage. The best thing she and her husband will ever do for this country is be gone.

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