Disgraced former President Donald Trump wants all the credit for the coronavirus vaccine as if there wouldn’t have been one had he not been president.

As vaccinations across the country reached the 2 million per day mark, Trump issued a racist statement referring to the virus as the “China virus” and claimed that Americans would not be getting their shots at all if he had not been in the White House. Seriously.

“I hope everyone remembers when they’re getting the Covid-19 (often referred to as the China Virus) vaccine, that if I wasn’t president, you wouldn’t be getting that beautiful ‘shot’ for 5 years, at best, and probably wouldn’t be getting it at all,” he said. “I hope everyone remembers.”

It’s bullsh*t, of course.

First of all, German pharmaceutical company Pfizer released a vaccine before companies that had government funding from the Trump administration. Furthermore, it was scientists who developed the vaccine and the FDA under any president would likely have granted emergency approval to the vaccine.

It should also be pointed out that 528,000 Americans have died from the virus because Trump refused to take the pandemic seriously and he even botched the distribution of the vaccine, which resulted in more deaths that could have been prevented.

Also, Trump secretly took the vaccine himself without telling his own supporters, many of whom refuse to take it. Many have died because Trump failed to do his part to encourage vaccinations, unlike every other living former president. Yet, Trump expects America to thank him?

As White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki pointed out last week, Trump does not deserve credit for the vaccine. 528,000 Americans are dead because of his incompetence. Had someone else been president, our country would have had a more efficient vaccine roll-out, which we are seeing now under President Joe Biden’s watch. Less Americans would have died from the virus because a different president would have taken this seriously from the beginning.

And finally, when H1N1 was infecting and killing Americans during the Obama administration in 2009, a vaccine was created and distributed within a year, and far less Americans died because former President Barack Obama put measures in place to slow the spread. So, it’s clear that Trump is outright lying about what would have happened had he not been president. If our country had been led by someone else, the coronavirus pandemic would not have killed as many Americans and the vaccine would have been developed within the same time frame and would have been distributed more efficiently. It short, someone else would have handled the crisis better.

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