As armed right-wing extremists prepare to descend upon Virginia and threaten civil war over new gun safety legislation, President Donald Trump only made the situation worse on Friday.

Virginia voters overwhelming elected Democrats over Republicans in the 2019 Election, giving them control of the state legislature and the power to pass gun control legislation that the American people have been demanding for years to prevent mass shootings.

One of those newly elected lawmakers is Del. Chris Hurst, whose girlfriend Alison Parker was tragically gunned down in 2015 by a disgruntled former co-worker as she attempted to conduct a live TV news interview.

Hurst ran for office on a gun safety platform and won his race. So, it’s clear Virginia voters support these bills.

But right-wing extremists, including Nazis and white supremacists, plan to invade Richmond on Martin Luther King Day, which is Monday, for an armed rally on or near Capitol Square in an effort to intimidate lawmakers to oppose the bills.

Tensions are so high that officials and law enforcement fear a repeat of the Charlottesville riots or worse, which is why Governor Ralph Northam has banned firearms and other weapons from getting anywhere near the square and declared a state of emergency.

The right-wing extremists, meanwhile, have vowed to resist the ban by bringing their guns anyway, setting up a potentially deadly clash between police who want to keep the peace and vile gun nuts who are hoping to start another civil war.

A few of the Nazis who planned to attend have been arrested by the FBI for plotting to commit violent acts.

Rather than discourage violence, Trump took to Twitter to throw his support behind the Nazis and white supremacists, all while falsely claiming that Democrats are trying to take guns away.

One of the bills requires mandatory background checks, including for private sales, which has bipartisan support. Another bill limits the purchase of handguns to only one per month, and simply restores a law that used to exist in the state. And the third bill gives the government the power to ban guns from public spaces during events such as protests.

All three bills passed the Virginia Senate, and are apparently the pieces of legislation right-wing extremists are upset about. None of them actually take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

By making dangerous accusations and siding with the extremists, Trump is stoking a fire that could turn into a raging inferno. Extremists could be incited to bring their guns and provoke or threaten police. People, including innocent bystanders, could be killed.

A real president would have tried to diffuse the situation, but Trump is not a real president. He thinks Nazis are “fine people” and would love nothing more than to see his fanatical supporters assassinate police and Democratic lawmakers in cold blood to further his agenda. This is what he wants, and it’s just more proof that he is unfit for office.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot