President Donald Trump revealed on Friday during his latest coronavirus press conference/rally that he told Vice President Mike Pence not to bother calling Democratic governors in states impacted by the pandemic unless they kiss his a**.

The pandemic is sweeping across the country, but because states like California, New York and Washington are major ports and metropolitan areas, the virus has spread quickly, especially since Trump failed to respond to it before it hit.

As a result, hospitals in these states are overwhelmed and supplies are scarce. That’s why Governors Gavin Newsom, Andrew Cuomo and Jay Inslee, along with Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer are asking the federal government for assistance.

But Trump has spent his time attacking these governors instead of helping them, and all because they refuse to lavish him with undeserved praise and downplay the crisis like he has been doing this whole time.

On Friday, Trump told reporters during the press conference/rally that Pence won’t be calling these governors either because he requires them to “be appreciative” and treat him “right.”

In other words, Trump wants Democrats to kiss his a** before he’ll lift a finger to help Americans in those states. It’s an authoritarian demand that makes it clear Trump doesn’t care about Americans unless they ingratiate themselves to him first. And that’s absolutely shameful at any time.

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