With a Senate trial for the impeachment of President Donald Trump set to begin early in 2020, there are signs that Republicans loyal to Trump may not have the votes they need to dismiss the charges against the president in the sort of sham trial that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has all but promised to conduct when the case is forwarded to the upper house of Congress.

MSNBC host Ari Melber — who just so happens to be an attorney and is well-versed in Constitutional law — noted on his show Tuesday evening, McConnell’s plans to protect Trump may have just hit a proverbial brick wall:

“There are signs that Mitch McConnell … is still trying to figure out how he gets to 51 for pieces of this or all of it.”

Instead, Melber continued, McConnell and the president’s protectors in the Senate seem to be in the process of trying to divert attention away from the Senate trial, which suggests they may not have the unanimity they need among their caucus:

“[McConnell]’s not impartial and he’s predicting partisanship. What is important there is the leg work that Mitch McConnell is doing. Obviously, if they have this all sewn up, he doesn’t to have say much of anything. They can slam-dunk it. But there are signs that Mitch McConnell tonight – and we’re going to keep reporting this out for you – is still trying to figure out how he gets to 51 for pieces of this or all of it. When he says this is all going to be a partisan side show, he’s talking about himself.”

Then Melber elaborated on what he sees happening right now on Capitol Hill:

“Here is a tell there. And (McConnell) wants, apparently, from what I can tell, he wants the country to give up hope on this process before it even begins, to only see it as partisan. So you have to ask yourself: If there is a politician in Washington trying to convince to you to look other way, why is that? And is it a tell, a sign, that maybe you should be looking even closer?”

Even though it still remains highly unlikely the GOP-controlled Senate would ever vote to convict Trump and remove him from office, McConnell may be forced to allow witnesses and conduct more than just a an exercise in political theater. And that could mean that damaging evidence comes to light which would endanger Trump as the 2020 election kicks into high gear.

Featured Image Via NBC News