White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has claimed that she’s a good “Christian woman” despite her constant lies in defense of President Donald Trump, but even one of her former instructors at Academy of the Holy Names is calling her out for violating Christian values.

In a profile of McEnany published in The Atlantic, Emma Green describes McEnany’s Christian upbringing.

“McEnany began her life as an evangelist among the masses. ‘KMac,’ as she was called, stood out as a Protestant at the Academy of the Holy Names, a Catholic girls’ school in Tampa, Florida, choosing to write about Jesus, whom she called ‘my hero,’ for a sixth-grade poetry assignment: ‘I shout his name,’ McEnany wrote, ‘for he is king.’ She grew up in a conservative Republican household in nearby Plant City, and her father operates a roofing business,” Green wrote.

But since entering Republican politics and especially since joining the Trump administration, McEnany has forsaken Christian values. She’s been lying for Trump since the first day she held a press briefing. And she refuses to criticize him and even stood beside him as he used a church and a bible as props in a photo-op after having peaceful protesters teargassed and shot with rubber bullets to clear his path.

Even her alma mater isn’t exactly thrilled with her.

“McEnany’s role in the Trump administration played differently on the Facebook page of her alma mater, the Academy of the Holy Names,” Green continued. “When the school announced her promotion to press secretary, a debate broke out in the comments over whether the academy should be congratulating her at all. Some classmates expressed confusion about how their Christian education aligns with the vision of politics she promotes.”

Green also spoke to one of her former teachers, who made it clear that not telling the truth goes against the Christian values the school teaches.

“We taught that truth was not expediency but was the touchstone of relationships,” the teacher said. “Much of the rhetoric I have read and interviews I have seen when she was a commentator on television show how far from [the academy’s] values she now espouses. This saddens me.”

Every time McEnany tells a lie or defends Trump, she proves that she learned nothing from her former school and that she is not a real Christian.

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