Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin took a beating from a Democratic lawmaker on Tuesday and threw a fit about it during a congressional hearing.

The House Ways and Means Committee has been pursuing President Donald Trump’s tax returns and financial records for months now after citing a 1924 federal tax law that specifically allows Congress to see anyone’s tax documents. But Mnuchin and the IRS have been hiding Trump’s taxes and refuse to hand them over, violating the law in the process and hoping the courts will let them get away with it.

During a committee hearing, Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) warned the room in advance that Mnuchin was about to get smacked down before calling him out for lying and breaking the law to protect Trump.

“This isn’t going to be pretty,” Pascrell began. “It is impossible to be polite to corruption and people who break the law. So by refusing to turn over Donald Trump’s business and personal tax returns to this committee, I think you’re breaking the law. The only thing you suffer is smug rhetoric and staggering lies.”

Mnuchin, of course, objected.

“I’m commenting because I find it offensive that you’re telling me that I’m breaking the law and staggering lies,” he whined.

“I asked you to tell me why you’re not breaking the law,” Pascrell replied.

Mnuchin then used the courts as cover.

“Just to be clear, there’s a third branch of government and there are courts that interpret things,” he said, patronizing Pascrell. “This is in the courts and the courts will deal with it. So, that’s your interpretation of that law. I’m relying upon legal counsel on what is our interpretation of the law. So in all due respect, I’m not breaking the law. You have a different interpretation. You’re not a judge.”

“Neither are you,” Pascrell fired back.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

The law clearly states that Congress has the power to review the tax returns, so by refusing to hand them over, Mnuchin is breaking the law. By all rights, he should be in jail right now.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot