If President Donald Trump really wants to send Americans back to work unprotected from the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, he should be willing to risk his own life first.

More than 500,000 Americans are infected by the virus and over 22,000 are dead, all because of Trump’s recklessness. And he fully intends to continue making reckless decisions that will have deadly consequences should he reopen the country too early and send Americans back to work.

This country is still woefully short on testing supplies and we still don’t know enough about the virus to know how it spreads. Sending people to work risks further outbreaks and could end up hurting the economy more.

“President Trump imagines he alone will decide when to reopen the country for business, although he has no constitutional, statutory or practical ability to do so,” conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote for the Washington Post. “He insists, contrary to the advice of public health officials, that we can get back to work regardless of whether we have the capacity to test millions of Americans.”

While Trump is hell-bent on sending Americans back to work and to their possible deaths, he is forcing his own staffers to be tested for coronavirus before they can get anywhere near him, presenting quite a hypocrisy that Rubin called out.

“Let me suggest a simple test for those arguing for a quick return to business as normal absent a robust testing, contact tracing, and quarantine program: You go first,” Rubin wrote. “Trump should cease requiring everyone who comes into his orbit to submit to a COVID-19 test. After all, if it’s not important enough for all of us to have the same protection, he should feel perfectly comfortable re-engaging with those of unknown health status.”

Indeed, if Trump is so confident that America is ready to get back to “normal,” that should include his own White House. If not, we’ll know he’s just a full of sh*t coward who doesn’t care about the lives of the American people.

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