Ted Cruz thought he had a great “gotcha.” The Texas Senator thought he had Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in his crosshairs and he fired his shot.

Except, Cruz was demonstrating exactly what the false propaganda, in the form of a picture, was designed to do. When Governor Whitmer called him out on his misguided shot, Cruz was so humiliated that he deleted the tweet he sent out that was designed to embarrass the Michigan Governor and the Democratic party tacitly.

What exactly did Senator Cruz attempt?

Cruz on Sunday retweeted an article about a recent Michigan emergency order that allows fines of up to $1,000 for violating social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. The article included a photo of Whitmer doing a ceremonial signing while a group of people looked on.

Ted Cruz thought he had Whitmer and added a snarky “As I count it, that’s 11K right there.”

Here’s the tweet below:

Unfortunately for Cruz, the article and the Tweet were designed to make Whitmer look bad. To do so, they didn’t use an actual picture of the signing, but rather one that was over a year old.  Apparently, someone then photoshopped a news ticker onto the pic to try to make it look current.

In short, Cruz took the bait like a lemming.

In less than an hour, Whitmer corrected him. She tweeted that the old photo was “being misused to spread fear and anger.”

“I know you would never intentionally mislead the public during a pandemic, so I’m hopeful you’ll correct this mistake as soon as possible,” Whitmer added.

“Stay safe, & happy Easter from Michigan.”

Cruz was forced to tuck his tail between his legs and retreat in humiliation instead of leaving the Tweet up and becoming a poster child of propaganda and spreading misinformation. But as they say, the internet is forever and Cruz was stone-cold busted.