West Virginia Governor Jim Justice took a rather racist shot at former President Barack Obama during a coronavirus news conference on Wednesday that caused a firestorm as protests against racial injustice continue across the country.

Obama is the nation’s first African American president and all of the other presidents in our history have been white guys, including Donald Trump, whom Justice supports.

But Justice felt the racist urge to inform Obama that he is not welcome in West Virginia by hanging up a verbal “white’s only” sign.

“We should absolutely welcome all but, you know, maybe not Barack Obama,” he said.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Needless to say, his remark did not go over very well and neither did his pathetic attempt to clarify, which he did by blaming Obama for all the problems in his state.

“Well, it’s not a joke from this standpoint,” Justice said. “I hate to say it but the Obama/Biden Presidency and everything devastated West Virginia. And especially southern West Virginia. And then, Hillary Clinton kind of chimed in and before you know it West Virginia was brought to our knees and everything and I hate that, I hated that so badly and everything because the good people of West Virginia – we suffered beyond belief. When I walked in the door, you can say what you want but this was a bankrupt state, and everything and there was no where to turn. So I can get really excited about that. You know, I want to love everybody and everything and you know, I mean, that about loving everybody — President Obama — everybody but what happened to West Virginia will take us decades and decades to recover. And maybe never, maybe never. Ways of life are just gone, so it was really devastating. It was really hurtful.”

The thing is that the coal industry was already collapsing in West Virginia long before Obama took office. There are cheaper, cleaner and more efficient energy sources than coal, which is why coal jobs have been disappearing. It has only collapsed more under Trump. The state’s opioid epidemic is the fault of Big Pharma and doctors who irresponsibly fill out prescriptions, so that’s also not Obama’s fault. Coronavirus just popped up late last year and Obama wasn’t even in office and Trump is the one who eliminated the pandemic response team and playbook Obama left behind.

It’s certainly not a coincidence that Justice is targeting Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the problems in his state. That makes him a racist and a sexist just like Trump. West Virginia would be lucky if Obama chose to visit the state, but what’s the point if even the governor is letting his white hood show?

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