Former White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow had no problem with sending $1,200 stimulus checks to Americans last year, but all of a sudden opposes them now for false and ridiculous reasons.

President Joe Biden and congressional Democrats are prepared to pass their $1.9 trillion rescue package using reconciliation, including raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour and $1,400 stimulus checks, both of which Americans desperately need and want right now.

But during an appearance on Fox News, Kudlow claimed that raising the minimum wage would somehow hurt Blacks, Latinos, and the poorest Americans.

“You know who that’s going to hurt the most? That’s going to hurt African-Americans, that’s going to hurt Hispanics, other minority groups,” Kudlow said. “It’s going to hurt the poorest part of the workforce.”

Actually, several states and cities have raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour and have not seen the kind of “hurt” that Kudlow is predicting. This is a scare-tactic meant to divide Americans along racial and economic lines so that wealthy business owners don’t have to cough up money to help their employees have better lives.

In addition, Kudlow denied that the economy is struggling.

“We are still in a V-shaped recovery,” he said. “The economy is very strong. And I read about this economic crisis. I don’t believe it. And I can prove to you that it’s not there.”

No, he can’t. Unemployment stands at 6.7 percent and tens of millions of Americans are jobless because of disgraced former President Donald Trump’s reckless and incompetent response to the pandemic along with his disastrous trade wars and tax cuts for the wealthy. Trump presided over the worst jobs record of any modern president. And Kudlow is a part of that failure.

He then had the gall to claim that Americans should not get stimulus checks because they will supposedly spend them on the stock market.

“I’m okay with strictly targeted funding, particularly for health vaccinations and school openings,” Kudlow said. “I’m not okay with spending stimulus checks, sending out and spending stimulus checks on one penny or two penny stocks, which is what’s been happening with this incredible story of GameStop and some of these penny stocks. That’s so silly. Giving out stimulus checks so people can buy penny stocks, not fine. Not good.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Americans need stimulus money to pay rent and buy groceries. They most likely will not spend it on stocks. And even if they did, since when is Kudlow opposed to Americans buying into the stock market? He didn’t have the same concerns when Trump himself demanded $2,000 stimulus checks for Americans in December.

Let’s not forget that Kudlow is a conservative and a Trump boot-licker. Therefore, whatever he says, the opposite is the truth. A $15 minimum wage has been a long time coming and it is absolutely necessary. American workers have been struggling for too long to get by. Americans also deserve stimulus checks, which will, in turn, stimulate the economy, something Trump’s tax cuts for rich people did not do.

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