President Donald Trump is the first president to sign a disaster declaration for all 50 states, and he’s disgustedly proud of it as he demonstrated by bragging about it on Twitter.

As of Easter Sunday, the day Trump wanted to originally reopen the country, over 22,000 Americans are dead because of the coronavirus and half a million have been infected. Most states have implemented social distancing and stay-at-home orders. And over 16 million have filed for unemployment as the economy continues to lay in shambles because Trump failed to respond to the pandemic properly.

As a result, every state in the nation has now received a disaster declaration, which Trump felt the need to brag about as some sort of accomplishment.

It really is sick and twisted, and Twitter users took him to the woodshed for it.

This is not something to be proud of. Our country is hurting right now and all Trump can do is treat it like he’s won a prize. That’s not how a president should behave and he and everyone who supports him should be ashamed.

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