Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) slandered Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman on Thursday in a rant questioning the Purple Heart recipient’s patriotism, resulting in backlash from former Ambassador Michael McFaul.

Vindman served during the Iraq War and was wounded by an IED. He is a decorated officer who had the courage to testify against President Donald Trump during House impeachment hearings. But for all their bluster about supposedly caring about the troops, Blackburn publicly attacked Vindman on Twitter by questioning his patriotism and slandering him when she was supposed to be in the Senate chamber during the impeachment trial.

This is the definition of malicious defamation of character, and Vindman should slap a lawsuit against Blackburn and take her to court. Her attack also makes it clear that Republicans don’t support the troops and think the troops exist to help the president abuse his power.

In response to her rant, former Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul called her out.

Our military does not exist to aid the president when he abuses his power. They certainly do not serve to help the president cover up his crimes. Trump attempted to extort Ukraine by withholding crucial military aid from the country in an effort to force the opening of a sham investigation against his political rival to tilt the 2020 Election in his favor. Extortion and election interference are crimes. Vindman witnessed these crimes and appeared before Congress to testify.

Meanwhile, Blackburn pretends to be a senator who loves this country, but all she has done since taking office is defend Trump, a draft dodger, at all costs even if it means slandering a combat veteran who has served our country honorably in uniform for over two decades. She has no shame and she must be removed from office.

Featured Image: Wikimedia