Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is so desperate to protect President Donald Trump from impeachment that he absurdly claimed that former President Obama did the same thing Trump did and didn’t get impeached, forcing CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer to fact-check him.

During a phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky in June, Trump asked for a “favor” in which Ukraine would announce a sham investigation against former Vice President Joe Biden. In exchange, Trump would release military aid appropriated to Ukraine by Congress. Upon ending the call, Trump froze the aid to pressure Ukraine into bowing to his demand.

Trump refused to unfreeze the aid for over a month hoping that Ukraine would help him hurt Biden ahead of the 2020 Election, but his scheme was busted by the whistleblower, forcing him to unfreeze it in September.

This is what abuse of power looks like, and Trump obstructed Congress by refusing to cooperate with an investigation. And so, the House impeached him and the Senate trial is in full swing as evidence continues to come to light.

But Rand Paul defended Trump on Tuesday night by insisting that Obama did the same thing Trump did.

“I think that the question is whether or not the president’s pause on foreign aid is an impeachable offense,” Paul said. “President Obama paused it twice, and once to the Egyptians and never gave the aid to the Ukrainians, and also to el-Sisi, who took over Egypt in a military coup against the will of Congress, and yet nobody talked about impeaching President Obama. I had a specific bill to vote against the Muslim Brotherhood, and I lost. The will was not to stop the aid, and President Obama stopped the aid. It is a good thing, but it was against the will of Congress and against the law. Restarting the aid was against the law, and yet nobody wants to talk about whether or not President Obama obeyed the law.”

The problem is that Obama did not have a corrupt personal purpose to freeze aid to Egypt and Ukraine, and Blitzer pointed that out to Paul.

“But it is one thing to stop the foreign aid if a country is doing something inappropriately and dealing inappropriately with their own people, and taking steps that are counter to the national interests, and in that way, the U.S. Congress is going to be with that aid and the allegation that Bolton and others are making, is that the aid is stopped for political purposes, because the president wanted so-called dirt on Joe Biden,” Blitzer said.

And he’s right. Paul, however, continued insisting that Trump is innocent simply because his legal team says so.

“But over the last 24 hours, we have heard from the president’s team say over and over again that the president was concerned with two main things, burden sharing, that should not be us doling out money, and I have heard him publicly and in private dozens and dozens of times rail about the money that we give away to people, and he was concerned about corruption, and not only the corruption of the Bidens, but he was concerned with general corruption,” he said.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

If Trump wanted to investigate corruption he should have done it in an official way through proper channels instead of committing extortion. But according to a treasure trove of documents given to the House Intelligence Committee by Rudy Giuliani/Trump associate Lev Parnas, Trump did not want to investigate corruption at all. He just wanted the appearance of an investigation so he could hurt a political rival. In short, Obama had real reasons to freeze aid while Trump only had personal and political motivations.

That’s why Trump is being impeached while Obama was not.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot