President Donald Trump directly attacked the judge presiding over Roger Stone’s case on Tuesday night, drawing a devastating response from his 2016 Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump completely hijacked the Department of Justice on Tuesday when Attorney General Bill Barr interfered in the case against Roger Stone to please his boss, who had earlier criticized the sentencing recommendation of seven to nine years in prison from federal prosecutors.

In November, Stone had been convicted by a jury on all seven charges brought against him by Special Counsel Robert Mueller during the Russia investigation, including one count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering. Not even Paul Manafort had been convicted on all counts brought against him. But the jury delivered a clean sweep against Stone based on the evidence presented.

But now Barr is going to recommend a sweetheart sentence to Trump’s former associate, and all four federal prosecutors in the case have resigned in protest.

Trump has been attacking the officials involved in the case all day, but then he targeted Judge Amy Berman Jackson and tried to link her to Clinton.

Mentioning Clinton’s name proved to be a big mistake, however, because Hillary punched back.

And she’s right. Intimidating judges is something fascists do. Trump is seizing control of the DOJ and flouting the rule of law in an escalation of his behavior in the wake of being acquitted by Senate Republicans. Ultimately, Berman is the one who gets to hand down Stone’s sentence, and she may not appreciate the interference from Trump and Barr. Of course, it looks like Trump is getting ready to pardon his criminal friends regardless of the sentence Stone receives.

We are witnessing a lawless president who learned nothing from impeachment except that Republicans don’t give a damn about law and order and will let him do whatever he wants.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot