President Donald Trump decided to attack Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg yet again Thursday morning, but he probably wishes he’d kept quiet after the response he received from the former mayor of New York City.

It all started when Trump posted this tweet:

Be sure and note that Trump is also trying to set up an internal battle between Bloomberg and Sanders, suggesting that Democrats will attempt to “stop” Bernie if he appears to be the nominee.

But if you read between the lines, it quickly becomes clear that the president is terrified of facing either Bloomberg or Sanders. And Bloomberg has already said he will spend billions of dollars of his personal fortune (which is estimated to be $61 billion) to defeat Trump, no matter who wins the Democratic nomination.

Within minutes, Bloomberg had fired back at Trump, and his response made Trump’s childish taunts seem pedestrian at best:

Others then joined the party, reminding Trump that he’s got his own problems when it comes to charisma and physical appearance:

Featured Image Via the BBC