As Senate Republicans continue to refuse to stand up to President Donald Trump out of fear of retaliation, a group of former senators have written a letter vowing to help any GOP senator who grows a spine.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) made headlines earlier this month when he voted to convict and remove Trump at the conclusion of the impeachment trial. He was the only Republican to do so, resulting in a bipartisan conviction vote while the vote to acquit was a purely partisan affair.

But the reason why other Republicans such as Senators Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Martha McSally (R-Ariz.) and Cory Gardner (R-Co.), among others, voted to acquit is because they feared Trump would retaliate against them and turn conservative voters against them.

This is a problem because now Republican lawmakers are voting with Trump lockstep even when they should be standing up to him.

Trump is now orchestrating a purge of federal agencies to install loyalists and is interfering with the Justice Department.

He is out of control, and there are no Republicans brave enough to stop him.

That’s why 70 former senators penned a letter published by the Washington Post offering to help any sitting GOP senator if they will do what’s right and stand up to Trump.

“We are writing to encourage the creation of a bipartisan caucus of incumbent senators who would be committed to making the Senate function as the Framers of the Constitution intended,” the letter said.

“[T]he partisan gridlock that is all too routine in recent decades has led the executive branch to effectively ‘legislate’ on its own terms through executive order and administrative regulation,” the senators continued. “The Senate’s abdication of its legislative and oversight responsibilities erodes the checks and balances of the separate powers that are designed to protect the liberties on which our democracy depends.”

“We, who once held the office you now hold and who are confident that service in the U.S. Senate is as high a calling for you as it was for us, will stand up for you against any partisan opposition,” the letter concluded. “We will do so publicly and repeatedly in whatever available forums. And we are convinced that many ordinary Americans will stand up for you as well, as they share our concern for the state of our government.”

The question is will any Republican senator take them up on their offer or will they continue to remain spineless?

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot