President Donald Trump is so desperate for a coronavirus vaccine before the election in November that he pressured Big Pharma CEOs during a meeting to rush one to the market, only to be repeatedly told that it’s not going to happen.

On Monday morning, Trump announced on Twitter that he would be meeting with the CEOs at the White House and boasted that progress on a vaccine is “being made.”

You see, Trump has repeatedly insisted that a vaccine is “close” to being developed, but health officials contradicted him by telling Congress and the media that such a vaccine is 12 to 18 months away. Trump has since muzzled the experts and is continuing to mislead the public by repeating the same debunked claim.

So when Trump met with the Big Pharma CEOs, he pushed them to rush a vaccine to the market in the next three or four months, clearly panicking now that the death toll in the United States is climbing, as is the number of cases.

The meeting, however, did not go the way Trump wanted because no matter how many times he demanded a vaccine immediately, the CEOs and National Institute of Health’s Dr. Anthony Fauci shot him down with reality.

“During the meeting, several of the experts and the pharmaceutical industry CEOs had to explain to the president time and again that they cannot necessarily rush a vaccine on to the market,” CNN’s Jim Acosta reported. “The president was sort of asking as he was going around the room, well, how quickly can we get a vaccine out on the market, and do it in three or four months.”

“At one point, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is the infectious disease expert for the administration, at one point told the president, no, it is still going to be about a year, and the experts and the pharmaceutical CEOs were explaining to the president that there needs to be a vigorous testing process for the vaccines before you can put a vaccine out on the market,” Acosta continued. “Obviously, you can’t put one out on the market for coronavirus if it has not been adequately tested, and they had to explain it for the president time and again.”

Indeed, rushing a vaccine to market could be disastrous. It may not work properly and could result in dangerous side-effects. Trump’s desperation could get more people killed.

“You have a sense … there is an urgency on his part to address the issues,” Acosta concluded. “This is just not an instant gratification type of problem that we are dealing with, that this administration is dealing with right now.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Trump needs to accept that a vaccine won’t be ready for more than a year and start focusing on managing this outbreak without one. Because all he is doing is making the situation worse and demonstrating that he is desperate.

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