CNN political analyst Paul Begala said Monday that he fully expects President Donald Trump will boot Vice President Mike Pence from the 2020 Republican ticket this summer, and even predicted the exact date he expects it to happen.

According to Begala, Trump will give Pence the ax on July 16, 2020, which would be exactly four years after Pence was first named to be Trump’s running mate, HuffPost notes:

“This is not a prediction, it’s a certainty.”

What else happens on July 16, 2020? Again, Begala explained with great precision:

“That’s the date the Democrat gives her or his acceptance address. On that day, to interrupt that narrative, Donald Trump will call a press conference at Mar-a-Lago.”

Begala even named Pence’s replacement in remarks he made at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) conference:

“He’s going to dump Mike Pence and put Nikki Haley on the ticket to try to get those suburban moms. You watch. Guaranteed.”

Need more proof that Pence is about to be given the heave-ho? Begala offered this:

“Trump put Pence in charge of coronavirus to throw him under the bus.”

It’s an intriguing theory, and it might happen, but you have to wonder how evangelical Christians would react to such a move. Then again, considering that evangelicals support Trump despite his three marriages and being a serial adulterer who brags that he enjoys sexually assaulting women to get his kicks, there’s a good chance they wouldn’t bat an eye if Pence was tossed overboard.

As for Haley being Pence’s replacement, it’s a safe bet that she’d be on any short list of potential VP’s for any Republican presidential candidate. But would she accept the post if it was offered? That depends on whether or not she thinks it would bolster her own chances of being the GOP presidential nominee in the future.

One thing’s certain: If Trump’s poll numbers are flagging a few months from now, he’ll toss everyone under the bus in an attempt to save himself.

Featured Image Via NBC News