For all of President Donald Trump’s and Vice President Mike Pence’s insistence that all is well and that Americans should not be concerned about coronavirus, it was all revealed to be a charade on Monday evening when Pence refused to answer if he would take his kids or grandchildren to Disney World.

The reason why Pence moved to direct all messaging through him in the first place is because he wanted to silence health officials who were contradicting Trump’s lies about coronavirus.

Trump and Pence have both insisted that the virus has been contained and that there’s nothing to worry about even as the death toll rises and the number of cases increase.

But if the situation is as rosy as Pence and Trump say it is, why would Pence refuse to say that he would gladly and confidently take his kids and grandchildren to Disney World when a reporter asked him if he would do so?

Washington Post reporter Ashley Parker asked Pence that question during a press conference.

“Would you, yourself, feel comfortable bringing you, your family and your grandchildren on a trip to Disney World?” she asked.

Pence danced around the question in response, but pretty much made it clear that he’s not nearly as confident about the government’s response to the coronavirus as he had previously been.

“I can say there’s been no recommendations on travel within the United States of America,” Pence said. “But let me let the experts speak to recommendations with regard to travel. You want to get that?”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Again, if the coronavirus is not something to worry about, Pence should have no problem hauling his family to either Disneyland or Disney World to prove it. But Pence knows full well that this virus is spreading, and Disney parks enable the spread of such diseases, as we have seen whenever there’s a measles outbreak.

With a single evasive answer, Pence just admitted that Trump’s messaging is complete bullsh*t.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot