Education and healthcare should be rights that all Americans have, but a House Republican whined about the possibility of Democrats trying to expand both during an appearance on Fox News, and on July 4th no less.

Democrats currently have an infrastructure plan that would not only rebuild traditional infrastructure such as roads and bridges but would also rebuild or improve human infrastructure such as child care, education, clean energy, and education.

It’s a monumental piece of legislation that Americans overwhelmingly need and support. But Republicans oppose it because it apparently helps Americans too much.

“I think infrastructure is popular,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) told Fox News host Mike Emanuel. “I think it is bipartisan. I know the Senate working with the president is trying to work out a bipartisan agreement. That’s our best chance for success here.”

Indeed, it appears that a group of senators has reached a deal with President Joe Biden on a plan that would cost around $1 trillion. However, it’s still possible that Democrats could pursue passage of their superior bill without Republicans.

McCaul then attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and complained about spending on climate change, education, and healthcare.

“I think what Pelosi put forward was a totally partisan measure,” he said. “One out of every two dollars went to the Green New Deal. Totally unacceptable to Republicans… Things that have nothing to do with infrastructure. I worry that they’re going to expand health care and education that have nothing to do with infrastructure.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Of course, healthcare and education have everything to do with our infrastructure, as does the Green New Deal. It’s pretty clear why McCaul opposes clean energy spending since he is likely bought and paid for by the oil industry. Republicans oppose education spending because they need the population to be dumb enough to vote for them. And they simply don’t care about American lives more than they care about profits, which is why they oppose healthcare.

America’s human infrastructure has been just as neglected as our “traditional” infrastructure. It’s time for attention to be paid to both. A majority of Americans agree.

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