President Donald Trump had a public hissy fit Monday evening during a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, complaining that Democrats are being unfair to him with their criticisms of how he’s handling the coronavirus outbreak which has now impacted several states, with Georgia being the latest state added to a growing list.

Even though he relentlessly criticized President Barack Obama’s response to the 2014 Ebola scare, Trump had the audacity to tell his supporters Monday night:

“The Democrats are trying to politicize the coronavirus, denigrating the noble work of our public health professionals, but honestly not so much anymore. Everyone appreciates — these are the greatest professionals in the world at what they do. We’re actually helping a lot of other countries where they have some very, very big problems. So we have our professionals in constant touch, I’m in constant touch with some of the leaders and helping them out. But the political attacks from some of the Democrats really must stop. We’ve got to all work together on this one to safeguard our people, we’re going to safeguard our people.”

That drew howls of laughter and outrage on social media:

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