Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders held a news conference today following a disappointing performance in Tuesday night’s primary contests and ahead of the net debate in Arizona. Sanders was once again bested in garnering delegates to secure the Democratic Party nomination by former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Some people speculated that Sanders might bow out of the contest after losing even more ground to his friend and rival, clearing the way for Biden to cruise easily to the nomination. That apparently is not the case as Sanders addressed reporters and showed no signs of leaving the race just yet. The Vermont Senator did acknowledge that he is “losing the electability battle” to Biden with the majority of voters.

Sanders also had some choice words for the current occupant of the oval office. Sanders called Trump corrupt, racist, sexist, and a homophobe who has no understanding of the Constitution. He also called Trump corrupt.

The presidential hopeful also cited some positives such as a strong majority of American people agreeing with many of his policy positions. He pointed out support for a higher minimum wage, a more fair tax system, and expanding the amount of education that future generations can get being supported by tax dollars — what some people call “free college.”

He also cited people’s awareness of improvements needed in the areas of climate change, racism, and other progressive issues. Sanders said that his support among younger people must be taken seriously and their concerns addressed. Sanders warned that the future of the Democratic party depends on it.

Finally, Bernie was frank about the questions he would be asking Biden at next week’s debate in Arizona. His questions involved wanting to know what Biden would be doing in the areas of climate change, health care, education, and justice reform.

Check out the entire address below from Sanders:

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